Drayage Services

In shipping, drayage is a necessary step to keep everything moving smoothly toward delivery. Successful logistics usually involves more than rail or ocean transport. National and international businesses need a way to move cargo from point A to point B as cost-efficiently and quickly as possible. That’s where professional drayage services are vital. At DNA Carriers we provide trustworthy drayage services. We have a large drayage truck fleet and the dedicated equipment needed for prompt port drayage. Whether you have raw materials that need to be transported to a processing facility in Canada or finished goods for national distribution, our expert drayage service fits your needs 100%. We mean it when we state that we provide a full range of drayage services. Our drayage services for ports, railroads, airports, and other locations operate both ways. To meet the demands of your supply chain, we can load or unload cargo. This covers delivery to nearby companies as well as short-term storage.

We assign you with a dedicated team to ensure that your needs are met completely. We provide 24-hour service and tracking backed by a dedicated team of professionals. We also provide dedicated fleets, local cartage, regional and long-haul truckload, and last-mile store deliveries.

We have the trucks, chassis, and capacity to transport your freight exactly when and where it’s needed. With top-notch container drayage services available, our solutions are made to meet your demands.

We manage thousands of container shipments a year, both domestic and international. As a sole-source provider for one of the nation’s largest exporters, we have built a reputation for exemplary service and communication, while providing capacity in even the busiest shipping times.

Our dedicated team will keep you updated with locations and status of your service and is at your service 24 x 7.
Make an appointment to discuss your requirements so that we may design specialized drayage services for your company.

Some of the added benefits of our services are…

24 x 7
Expedited ground
Flexible, scalable
Personalized solution to meet your needs
Ability to meet capacity demands
Reliable, high-quality customers service
Truckload transport ensures reliable delivery of your shipment
Our container yards are 100% secure and offers flawless peace of mind